Schools and districts mandated to use Google Classroom might be uncertain about how to integrate it with Kiddom. As educators, we know students need simplicity and organization. Keeping all of their assignments in one place helps ensure students use their time most effectively.

Luckily, Kiddom can easily be used in conjunction with Google Classroom. Adding Kiddom as an external link within your Google Classroom course will direct students to Kiddom for their coursework.

  1. Add a welcome message and explain to students how the Kiddom platform will be used. Select the "Share something with your class..." section from the course home page and add your message.

2. Select add Link

3. Insert Link

4. Select Post

5. Your home page will now show the announcement and the link to login to Kiddom.

Students now have a seamless way to access the Kiddom platform and you can begin to use the awesome integrated curriculum, assessment, and reporting tools!

If you have any questions we are here for you! Please use the chat tool in the Kiddom app and one of our success team members will be happy to assist you.

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