When you have entered one of your classes, you will see a "+" button in a blue circle at the bottom of the screen. Select that to begin creating your assignment.

From there, the app will walk you through the assignment creating process. You will need to add an assignment type and an assignment name.

There are two required fields to post an assignment: Assignment type and assignment name. However there are many ways you can adjust the assignment. 

  • Add a description for the assignment.
  • Choose content from our Library, or you can attach a file from your device or Google Drive. For the latter two options, select the attachment button. You can attach as many files as you need to. Note: You can only attach one item with a gradeback.
  • Send this assignment to all of your students, or select individuals. 
  • Adjust the due date. If you choose not to, the assignment will automatically be due the upcoming Friday. 
  • Attach standards. You can add state, national, or custom standards. You can read more about standards here.

Select "Post" when you are done creating your assignment. 

If you are creating an assignment on web, click here.

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