Rubrics keep expectations clear and make assessing student work efficient.

To use a rubric to assess students, choose Rubric when adding an assignment.

  • Selecting the rubric option will allow you to use a generic rubric or create your own.
  • We recommend you create your own rubric, tailored to meet your expectations and classroom needs.
  • Rubrics are based on the points assigned and weighted accordingly.
  • So when you append a rubric category to an assignment, you can select 4, 3, 2 ,1 as a score. That gives the student a point score based on the rubric score you've chosen.
  • You can always go beyond the 4 point scale. Click "Add Another" when creating a scale to add an additional point.
  • Example: if an assignment is worth 10 points, and a student scores a 3 on a rubric, then the student has earned 7.5 points. The math is as follows:

(student’s score on rubric category / 4) x (assignment value) = student score

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