Kiddom’s content partners provide educators with a vast library of standards-aligned resources. Teachers may access and assign lectures, quizzes, videos, interactive practices, and more directly from Kiddom's platform. These resources are meant to supplement instruction and provide opportunities for differentiation. Note: Our support articles are here to help you understand Kiddom's features better. To search for content using keywords (ie. Spanish, French, Multiplication, Egypt, etc) you must log in to Kiddom and follow the instructions below.

Once you create a class, go to your class Timeline. Click "New Assignment" then click on the Kiddom "K" icon to access Kiddom's Library. If you're using Planner to add assignments, you will see the same options.

Content here will be generated based on the subjects and grades you selected when creating the class. If you aren't finding content to match your search, clear these fields to expand your search results by clicking the "x" next to each field.

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