Class Mastery Average

This first graph shows your overall mastery for your class. This is the student's average on all graded assignments. This also shows mastery over time, allowing you to reflect as you go.  Depending on overall mastery, this graph will be a certain color: Developing is red, Approaching is orange, Mastery is purple, and Exceeding is green. You can see how you have improved as the school year has gone on.

Class Standard Mastery

Every standard that is graded is tracked, providing you with the detail you need to determine which concepts have been mastered. The standards that need more work are on top. Click on the standard buttons to read a full description of the concept/skill. A dotted line simply means your instructor has graded this specific standard once. After your instructor grades this standard more times, the line will become solid and you can see your growth over time. Click on the standard pill to see which assignments were associated with that standard.

Note: If you have a collaborator in your class, they will be able to view your reports. 

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