Are There Kiddom Product Limitations If We Use Clever to Sign In?

If your school or district uses Clever and it's integration is set live on Kiddom, classes with rosters (a list of students and their teachers) are created in Kiddom based on data provided by the way your school or district set up Clever.

For those classes created via Clever sync, the following features are disabled and out of our locus of control:

  • Teachers will not be able to add, edit or delete students.
  • Teachers will not be able to add, edit, or delete collaborators (other teachers).
  • Teachers will not be able to edit the following fields in Class Info Settings: Class Name, Subject and Grade Level.

This is because those changes will not be saved when the next Clever sync occurs with your district's Clever instance.

If your school or district is also using Clever SSO (or a 3rd party SSO like ClassLink or Google) to get teachers and students to sign into Kiddom, these features will be disabled.

What features are allowed in classes generated by Clever for teachers?

Except for the disabled features outlined above, everything else is enabled.

What about students' view for classes generated by Clever?

There are no changes to the student experience. All features will be enabled.

Can teachers create a new class in Kiddom, even if their school is using Clever?

Yes, teachers can manually create new classes in Kiddom. These classes will be like our regular classes with all the features enabled. So teachers can add/edit/delete students and collaborators, edit class info settings (including class name, grade, subject).

Note: When you do this, roster and class info setting for these classes will no longer be managed by the school via Clever. Please confirm if your IT team is ok with this.

How can teachers add students from Clever sync roster to new classes that weren't created by Clever?

They can import students from Clever generated class, use the Class Code, and other same add student features available from our regular features.

What about the students' view for classes not generated by Clever (new classes created by teachers in Kiddom)?

There are no changes. All the features are enabled.

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