What is Lesson Launch?

What is Lesson Launch?

Lesson Launch works with Kiddom’s curriculum management and lesson planning tools to enable teachers to find, customize, and schedule presentations and assignments. Lesson Launch then gives teachers the ability to launch a presentation and real-time assignments during in-class teaching.  

Lesson Launch utilizes the power of technology to get real-time feedback on student engagement and understanding which allows teachers to make immediate instructional decisions to move forward in the lesson, re-teach a particular concept, or try different strategies. Teachers don’t have to wait to receive student work, review it, and then re-teach at a later time. 

Click here to watch a short video on Lesson Launch, and read on to learn more about how to use this exciting feature. 

How do I add assignments to my Lesson Launch queue?

When planning for a lesson, you can add assignments to your Lesson Launch queue ahead of time. Assignments that have been added to your Lesson Launch queue will not show up in student Assignments until they have been launched. There are two ways to add assignments to your queue. 

Adding to your queue from Curriculum

Once you've located an assignment from the Curriculum section of your account, you can add it to your queue. Click the blue "Assign" button in the upper right hand corner and select "Lesson Launch Queue". Select the class and adjust the date if needed, depending on which day you plan to launch it to your class. Click "Add to Queue" and a confirmation message will appear in the lower right corner.

Adding to your queue from Planner

You can also add assignments to your Lesson Launch queue from the Planner. Once you've entered the Planner, the default timeline shown is "Student Assignments". Click on "Lesson Launch" at the top to view the Lesson Launch timeline. Locate the curriculum you are using from the drop-down menu on the right and locate an assignment. Drag and drop the assignment into your Lesson Launch timeline to add it to your queue.

Note: Students will not see any assignments that have been added to your queue until you launch them. 

How do I launch assignments to students from my Lesson Launch queue?

When you're ready to launch assignments from your Lesson Launch queue, head to your Classroom page. Locate the toolbar at the bottom and click the "Lesson Launch queue" button on the right to open your queue. The queue for today's date will display by default, but you can pull up another date's queue by clicking on the calendar icon. 

You can also preview assignments with students by clicking on the assignment in your queue. This will open the preview and you can interact with the assignment to model it for students. Please note that this will not open the preview on student devices, but this can be displayed for students. 

Once you are ready to launch an assignment, click the 3-dot button on the assignment. Click "Launch Classwork" to launch it directly to student devices.

What will students see?

Once the classwork is launched, students will see a pop-up notification alerting them that they have new classwork to complete. Please note that students should be in the "Classroom" section of their account to see this. Once they click "Begin", they will be taken to the assignment.

What will the teacher see?

As students are working on the assignment, teachers can monitor their progress by viewing the percentage completed and by previewing the student's work. To preview their work, hover over the student tile and click "view". This allows you to monitor student progress and check for understanding to make real-time, data-driven adjustments to lessons and pacing. 

What happens when I stop an assignment in Lesson Launch?

When you're ready to stop an assignment for students, click the blue "stop" button next to the assignment. 

Once you've clicked the "stop" button, students will see a message alerting them that the teacher has stopped the assignment and their work will be submitted.

The submitted assignment will populate on the teacher's Timeline (via the Planner) and on the student's Timeline (via Assignments). Teachers can begin grading the submitted work. If the assignment is unlocked and has not been graded yet, then students will be able to continue working on the assignment asynchronously and can resubmit. 

What if I don't have time to launch all of my assignments during class?

Plans change! If you don't have time to launch all of your assignments during class, you can assign the work directly to students to work on asynchronously. The assignment will show up on their Timelines which can be accessed via the "Assignments" section of their accounts. 

To assign directly to students, click the 3-dot button next to the assignment and select "Assign to students". A window will pop up asking you to select the due date, when you'd like to assign it, which students should receive it, and whether the assignment is locked or unlocked. 

How can I use Presentation Slides with Lesson Launch?

Lesson Launch can be used to deliver presentations from Kiddom Platform so teachers don't have to switch between platforms and tools. Click here to learn more about Presentation Slides within Lesson Launch. Note: Lesson Launch cannot project the presentation directly to student devices.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Add a presentation slideshow to your Lesson Launch queue.

2. When you are ready to present, open your Lesson Launch queue from the Classroom by clicking on it. 

3. Project your screen to the class and run your presentation! 

You can also share the presentation with students after delivery for review and reinforcement. Just click the 3-dot button next to the presentation in your queue and select "Assign to students". 

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