What Are Presentation Slides?

Presentation Slides are now available in Kiddom within bundled curriculum lessons for EL Education, OUR Math, and Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math! These are pre-made slides that go along with a lesson. Presentation Slides can be used to drive a lesson, as well as to provide visual support for student engagement.

Where can I find Presentation Slides?

Presentation Slides are currently available for the following bundled curriculum:

Curriculum Grade Band
EL Education K-8*
*Note: Grade 7 Mod 4 is not yet available
OUR Math 6-8, HS, NC-HS
Illustrative Mathematics K-5, 6-8, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry

Presentation Slides are located within a lesson and can be accessed from the Curriculum or from your Planner. When accessing a lesson from the Curriculum section, the Presentation Slides will be located at the top under "Presentations".

Once you click on the Presentation, it will bring you to the link to open it as a Google Slideshow presentation.

Note: This will open a read-only version of the Presentation.

How can I edit Presentation Slides?

In order to edit Presentation Slides, you will need to go into edit mode. Click the edit toggle and then click on the Presentation to open the editable version.

Why are some slides in the presentation skipped?

Skipped slides are there for teacher use and reference. They are not explicitly taught in the lesson and so are not student-facing. 

Helpful Hint: When presenting slides, teachers can access the speaker notes for added lesson guidance. 

How can I share Presentation Slides with students?

Presentation Slides can be shared with students right within Kiddom. The Presentation Slides can be assigned either from the Curriculum or from the Planner section of your account.

To assign from the Curriculum section, you will navigate to the page within a lesson that has the Presentation Slide link and click "Assign".

To assign from the Planner section, you will locate the Presentation Slide within the lesson and drag and drop it into your Timeline.

Note: Students will receive a view-only version of the Presentation Slides.

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