How Do I Add, Invite, Edit or Delete Students?

There are several different ways to add students in your class. If you want to invite them directly into your class, start at Invite Students to Join. If you only want to add gradebook students now (these are students that will not be logging into Kiddom accounts) you can start at Adding Students.

Invite Students to Join

Invite students to join your class using your unique class code.

  1. From the class landing page, click on the add people icon and choose Add Student.

2. Provide students with your class code, and have them join your class. If they haven't signed up for Kiddom yet, they can sign up here.

3. Once students have entered your class code, you will get a notification letting you know that they have joined.

You can also send your students a mass email with the class code. Just copy paste their emails and we will send them a link that already has the class code.

Adding Students

  1. Set Up Class Roster allows you to copy and paste a list of students directly into your class or you can import a roster from one of your other classes.
  2. Manually, you can type each student's name into the box. Hitting enter or the tab key will automatically add the student to your list.

Editing Student Names

No worries! We misspell things too. If you notice a student's name is spelled incorrectly, simply go to your Classroom page and select the student. Once you do, you should see three vertical dots, or the menu icon. Click the menu and then select edit.

Click "Save" when you are done and that student is all set. If your students are managed via an SIS, click the blue chat icon on the bottom left to send us a message.

Removing Students

It’s sad to see students go, but if you need to delete them from your class, you can do this by clicking on the student's name and from the pop-out menu, click on the “three dot” button and you see an option to delete the student.

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