How Do I Embed Resources into Kiddom?

When you create an assignment (or activity) in Kiddom, you have the option to embed resources into any text box. By embedding resources, your students won't need to leave Kiddom in order view the resource (e.g. YouTube videos).

Many interactive resources that you may already use offer embed codes. Embed codes allow teachers to insert resources directly into a Kiddom text box in an assignment. Embedding resources helps students stay within the Kiddom experience and for resources like YouTube, it ensures get sent directly to YouTube and then get distracted. Embedding your Google Slides enables students to navigate the student-friendly slides you might have prepared for a lesson.

This article will walk you through how to embed resources in Kiddom using a few specific resources.

Tip: Need help finding the embed code? Google "[the resource] + embed code" (eg. "Loom embed code").

What Does an Embedded Resource Look Like in Kiddom?

When viewing embedded resources in your teacher account, you will be able to interact directly with those resources. You can play videos and toggle between Google Slides/PowerPoint slides. You can even embed interactive activities from resource providers like NearPod.

The student experience (below) is similar. Students can play videos directly in Kiddom and interact with embedded activities.

How Do I Embed a YouTube Video?

The first step is to find the embed code. Under each YouTube video is a "Share" button. Click the share button and then select the "Embed" option. Then copy the code. Once you have the code, navigate back to Kiddom and add a text box.

Within the text box, click the three dots on the right and select the insert media button.

From there, select the Embed option and paste the Embed code into the box. Voila!

How Do I Embed a NearPod Activity?

With your NearPod account open, select the share button. Copy the code and then navigate back to Kiddom. Within a text box, click the three dots to right and then select the insert media button.

Note: NearPod activities can take a few seconds to load. If you or your students don't see it right away, wait a few moments. If it still doesn't load, refresh your screen.

How to Find Embed Codes

Microsoft Office Instructions

Google Docs Instructions

Loom Instructions

Nearpod Instructions

Youtube Instructions

Happy teaching and learning!

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