Assignment Groups are a number of assignments that are grouped together to serve a purpose, such as self-paced instruction, differentiation, and review. Assignment Groups can be created to serve many purposes: weekly homework, study materials, bellwork, remediation, enrichment, self-monitored projects, and more.  With Assignment Groups, you can quickly assign a complete set of assignments and resources or share individual tasks from within a single Assignment Group.

Assignment Groups come in handy when you have recurring assignments and save time from creating them over and over. Simply create an assignment group with your recurring assignments (for example, Monday bellwork) and drag over the assignment into your Timeline when appropriate. Easily append standards to track progress in your Reports section.

Another way to get the most out of Assignment Groups is to create one for differentiated or supplemental assignments for individuals who are either struggling or could use enrichment. Simply use the the tab on the left to select which student you want to send an assignment to and drag your assignment over from an Assignment Group.

Assignment Groups are saved in your curriculum, so you can use them for any of your classes this year and next!

Kiddom Academy users can set instructional days, standards, and share units via Planner. Learn more by clicking here!

If you'd like to discuss using Kiddom to create assignment groups or to learn more about the product, book a demo with one of our Teaching and Learning team members. 

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