What If A Student Forgets Their Password?

In order to ensure private information remains private, Kiddom does not have access to any passwords once they've been set. However, If your student is having trouble signing in teachers have the ability to help students reset their passwords. Here's how:

First, have the student click on the 'Forgot Password?' button on the Sign In page here. Students will need to enter their username or email address.

If they have a username for login: it will ask for their teacher's email- make sure it is the same email address as your teacher account. You will see an alert in your notifications:

Once you're notified of the student needing the password reset, go into the class that the student is a member of and click on their name. When you hover over their name, you will see the three vertical dots appear, with the option to edit:

When you select "Edit", you can now type in a new password for that student to use and click "Save".

The student can log in with the new password you provided and change it in their account settings for security.

If the student has an email for login: a link will be sent to the student's e-mail with instructions on how to reset their password. If the student doesn't see the email address, be sure to have them check their promotions (if Gmail), spam or trash folders.

Note: Their password is universal for all of their Kiddom classes.

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