How Can Students Draw in Kiddom?

In addition to the ability to graph and draw using our Google Drive Integration, Kiddom now includes a Drawing Answer Type!

Where can I find it?

When creating or editing an assignment, you'll find Drawing among the other eight different question types. Begin by adding a question to an assignment followed by selecting Drawing from the menu.

Once selected, you'll see a new field appear that will allow you to add a background image. This is not required, but can be very helpful for questions that require a graph.

How does Drawing look for students?

When a student opens the assignment, they'll see a gray box with a pencil icon. Once the icon is clicked, students will be brought to the drawing tool. If you've uploaded a background image, it will appear to students. If no background image was uploaded, then students will begin drawing on a blank white canvass similar to a white piece of paper.

From here, students have a couple of tools to assist them while drawing:

  • Image Upload - students can use this to upload an image, like a hand drawn picture or a saved image on their computer.
  • Magnifying tool - students will be able to zoom in on their drawing.
  • Undo & Redo - students will need to use these buttons as the keyboard shortcuts are not enabled
  • Selector - students can use this to move any drawn element.
  • Eraser - students can use them only after an element has been selected.
  • Text box- students can add text to any drawing with size and color options
  • Pencil - students can use different size and color options

Once students complete their drawing, they can click done to save. If the student wants to resubmit, they can delete the initial drawing and start all over again from scratch. Please note: The drawing will not automatically save as they work unless the student clicks done.

Things to note:

  • Image Upload for Students: Within the drawing window, students have the ability to upload an image in addition to creating a drawing using the tools. This can be helpful for any student who may not be able to draw or completed the assignment on paper. Students can upload jpg, jpeg, png, gifs.
  • Uploading PDF's: At this time, we don't support uploading PDF's for drawings, but we know how important this will be and plan to provide support soon.
  • Editing completing drawing: Once a student hits done, they will not be able to edit the drawing. They will need to delete the current drawing and submit a new one.
  • Grading: We don't currently display a preview of the drawing when grading, so you'll need to click the Student Response in order to see the answer.
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