How Do I Provide Feedback to Students?

Kiddom offers rich a feedback experience for teachers and students. For example, you can:

  • Take a photo and include it in a comment to a student.
  • Record a short video and audio with your comments.
  • Upload files, photos, videos, and audio from your computer with your comments.
  • Edit and delete the comments you’ve posted.

Give feedback on an assignment with comments

From the assignment’s comments section, teachers can view each student's response and leave feedback. This is a useful and organized way for teachers and students to communicate with each other regarding specific assignments.

In addition to adding comments, you can also attach screenshots. First, click on the feedback icon.

Then scroll to the bottom and click on the camera icon to add a screenshot.

Teachers and students can add video and audio feedback along with attachments directly in the feedback section of the assignment.

Edit feedback by clicking on the three dots to the right of your comment. You can either edit or delete the feedback. This is helpful if you've made a typo!

Happy teaching and learning!

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