Student Help: How Do I Check My Grades and Teacher Feedback?

After you submit your assignment, your teacher will have to grade it. Once the grade is entered, you will receive an email notification and an in-app notification. But where will the grade appear?

For any grade and feedback you would like to check, enter your class and click on ‘Assignments’. From the Timeline, you can click on the relevant assignment to view your final grade and/or any feedback from your teacher. Alternatively, you can click on the in-app notification to be routed directly to the assignment.

Your assignment may include a general comment that will appear at the top of the page or specific feedback attached to the questions within it.

If your teacher gave you feedback for specific questions, you will be able to see how many of those there are in the assignment and on hover, you can see the specific question numbers in which feedback was given.

To learn more about how Kiddom calculates grades, click here.

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