Student Bookmarks

Kiddom now has Student Bookmarks!

What are Student Bookmarks?

Student Bookmarks allow students to save content to refer back to at a later date. Students will have the ability to view past content while working on a current assignment.

How do I bookmark content?

When accessing items on your timeline, you will see a bookmark icon at the top right of the assignment. Simply click on the icon and you will see a popup for you to name your bookmarked assignment. You will also see an additional icon on the menu on the right that allows you to access your saved bookmarks.

You have the ability to edit or delete your bookmarked items by either clicking on the bookmark icon at the top of the assignment or by clicking the three dots next to the bookmark on the bookmark list.

To view your bookmarks, click on the bookmark icon from the menu on the right and click on the bookmark you would like to access. Once you click on the bookmark, you will have the ability to view both your current assignment and your bookmarked content.

Note: Only your current assignment will be active. Your bookmarked assignment will be read only.

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