Student Help: How Do I Complete and Submit Work?

Now that you've logged into your account, it's time to review and complete any assignments your teacher may have shared with you.

Your first step is checking your Assignment Timeline for any assignments. You can do this by entering your Class and then clicking Assignments from the lefthand menu to be taken to your Assignment Timeline. From your Timeline, you'll be able to see any assignment your teacher has assigned to you organized by due date. Click "View Past Calendar" to view any assignments with due dates in the past. You can also use the Timeline Filters to locate an assignment. 

Next, click any assignment you want to work on.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of questions you may see in your assignments:

Multiple Choice or Multiple Select

Select the correct answer(s) for the question.

Written Response

You will see a text box to type your response. Click on the text box in order to type. You will also see various formatting options such as font size and type, and highlighting options. Click on the square root symbol to open the MathType tool. Click on the 3-dots for additional formatting options. 

Audio or Video Response

Your teacher may require you to record or upload a video or audio file in your assignment. You have two options: you can record a video using Kiddom or upload your own video from your device. If you chose to record a video using Kiddom, please remember the video can be up to 2 minutes long. Be sure to Allow Kiddom to access your device's microphone and/or camera.


Use the Drawing tool to draw your answer to a question.

Categorizing, Matching, and Ordering

Categorizing: You will sort items into the correct categories.

Matching: You will drag and drop cards to their matching statements.

Ordering: You will drag and drop cards to put them in order.

Fill in the Blank

You will fill in the blank by typing your answer.

Adding an Attachment (Open-Ended)

Your teacher may also ask you to attach a document to your assignments. You'll have a few options when uploading an attachment: Uploading a file from your computer or uploading an attachment from Google Drive.

If you choose to attach a file from your computer, click the File Upload button to browse on your computer for a document to attach. You can also drag and drop the file or browse your computer. It can be a variety of documents like pdf, word, or an image.

You can also use the Google Drive option. If attaching a Google document, click on the Google Drive button. Select your account and grant Google access. Then attach your document. If you’ve noticed that you have the wrong the file, just click on the x and then reattach the right document.

Submit Your Work

Once as you have competed the assignment, remember to hit Submit in order to send it to your teacher to grade.

Click here to learn how to check your assignment grades and view teacher feedback. View the video below to learn more about completing and submitting work in Kiddom!

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