Student Help: How Do I Submit Work?

Now that you've set up your account, it's time to review and complete any assignments your teacher may have shared with you.

Your first step is checking your Timeline for any assignments. You can do this by selecting any Class and then clicking Timeline. From your Timeline, you'll be able to see any assignment your teacher has shared for your current week and for the following week. Next, click any assignment you want to work on.

Here you can find a couple different type of questions or attachments.

Google Doc Attachment:

Your teacher may attach a Google Doc to your assignment. It will appear as an attachment on the top of the assignment. If you are signed into Google, click on the assignment and it will take you to view it. Click on “Open with Google Docs” in order to work on your individual document.

You can also find all your Google assignments by going to “Shared with Me” in your Google Drive to browse or search for the name.

Audio or Video Response:

Your teacher may require you to record or upload a video or audio file in your assignment. You have two options: you can record a video using Kiddom or upload your own video from your device. If you chose to record a video using Kiddom, please remember the video can be up to 2 minutes long.

Adding an Attachment:

Your teacher may also ask you to attach a document to your assignments. You'll have two options when uploading an attachment: File Upload or Google Drive.

If you choose to attach a file from your computer, click the File Upload link to browse on your computer for a document to attach. You can also drag and drop the file or browse your computer. It can be a variety of documents like pdf, word, or an image.

Select your attachment.

You can also use the Google Drive option. If attaching a Google document, click on the Google Drive link. Select your account and grant Google access. Then attach your document. If you’ve noticed that you have the wrong the file, just click on the x and then reattach the right document.

Once as you have chosen the right document to attach, remember to hit submit in order to send it to your teacher to grade.

Note: Not every assignment will have the option to add attachments. If your teacher set up a text box, then you should add your answers there.

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