What Is The Kiddom Student Experience?

After you have created your account, you will be taken to your student dashboard. This is where you can see the classes you have joined already. To join a class after you have made your account, enter the class code after clicking the blue button.

Click on a class to see your assignments and classroom announcements

Classroom Announcements:

Your Announcements shows all your teacher announcements for your class.

Student Assignments:

Your Assignments tab shows all of the “new” and “due today” assignments for your class. 

Note: If it is a new account, nothing will show in your Assignments until your teacher sends you an assignment.

Older and Late Assignments:

If you are looking for older assignments, click on the Filters drop down. Click on the Late button to see which assignments you may have that are still unsubmitted or late. Click on the Done button to see assignments you have submitted.


The bell at the top of the navigation page shows you any updates to your assignments, grade notifications, and comments from your teacher. Click on it and it will show you notifications where you can also go directly to the work. 

Click on Assignment: To See Attachments, Your Grade or Send Your Work

Once as you’ve clicked on assignment, you may see a few things:

  • Directions for the assignment, 
  • Access an attachment from your teacher,
  • Feedback from your teacher,
  • Say something to your teacher, or
  • Submit your work
  • You can drag and drop, attach from your computer, or attach from Google. 
  • After attaching, remember to hit submit.
  • Once your teacher has submitted a grade, you will see your grade above your submission.

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