How Do I Create or Delete a Class?

New classes can be added from your Kiddom home page. You can get there by clicking on the Classes tab from the left drawer menu. Click on Add New Class at the top right of the screen.

Once your class or classes are created, you can invite your students to join! For more information on how to add/invite students, click here!

Can I Add Multi-Subject/Multi-Grade Classes?


When you are creating a new class, you will be prompted to enter what grades and what subjects you want. Simply click all the subjects and grades within your classroom. Once you click a subject or grade, the selected subject/grade will have a checkmark next to it, indicating you have selected it.

Multi-subject classes provide teachers the ability to align standards across multiple subject areas. If teachers assign an informational science text, they can align the assignment to ELA standards for informational reading, as well as science standards for content.

How do I delete a class?

You cannot delete a class, but you can archive it. We allow you to archive classes instead of deleting them so you don’t accidentally lose precious student data. It will be removed from your dashboard, but it can be found in your archive just in case it is ever needed.

You can archive a class from the main screen by clicking the three dots on the bottom right of your desired class then "Archive Class".

To view your archived classes, click the 3-dot button in the upper right corner next to "Your Classes".

You can unarchive any class by clicking the 3-dot button on the archived class and click "Unarchive class". It will then be moved back to your Classes page.

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