Support For Teachers
We offer live support  from 9am-8pm EST Monday-Friday, and have limited hours over the weekend. You can contact us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the page. This is accessible throughout every page on Kiddom.

Support For Students
Our Policy: We are real people behind the chat box and we want to help everyone have a great experience on Kiddom; however, we are here to answer Kiddom-related questions. We cannot help with homework or merely chat. If someone abuses the support chat, we have the right to block users.

Knowing this, here are some tips to prevent misuse:

  1. Send students to which does not show the chat box
  2. Teach the appropriate use of support chat:
  3. How to form a question
  4. Courteous tone and language
  5. Appropriate times and reasons to use the chat
  6. Ramifications of misuse
  7. Teach them class protocol for FAQ or forgotten usernames and passwords
  8. Show them where to find the Help Desk resources and how to use them
  9. Make trustworthy students Kiddom Experts where they help other students with issues and have permission to contact Kiddom Support Chat.
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