How Do I Navigate My Classroom in Kiddom?

Within your Classroom in Kiddom, you'll see your students front and center. To locate your Classroom, enter your class and click on the "Classroom" tab (chair icon) on the lefthand menu. 

You'll find your class code in the upper left corner of your Classroom. Click here to learn more about class codes.

In your Classroom, you'll see tiles for all of your rostered students. Within each student tile, you'll notice either a black circle with a slash through it or a green circle with a check. A black circle means the student is not logged in and a green circle means the student is logged in.

You can also click on a student tile to enter a 1:1 with the student, chat with the student, edit the student's name or remove the student from your class. Click here to learn more about modifying students in Kiddom. Please note that if your school rosters students via an integration then editing a student's name/enrollment in Kiddom will need to be done through your school's integrated SIS.

Command Center

At the bottom of your Classroom, you'll notice a Command Center. Please see below to learn more about each feature:

A. Kiddom Live: If your school subscription includes Kiddom Live, then this is what you'll click to start a video call with your Classroom. Click here to learn more about Kiddom Live.

B. If your students have raised their hands in Kiddom, you'll notice a hand icon appear on their tiles. Click this to lower all raised hands at once. 

C. Click this to raise your own hand.

D. Whiteboard: Use this virtual whiteboard with your class to synchronously draw on a canvas during instruction. Click here to learn more about the Virtual Whiteboard in Kiddom.

E. Chat With Everyone: Use the chat feature to send a chat to your entire Classroom. Click here to learn more about communicating with students in Kiddom. 

F. Lesson Launch: Use this to access lessons you've added to your Lesson Launch queue and to preview or launch activities. Click here to learn more about Lesson Launch.

Additional Classroom Features

In the top right, you'll also see some additional Classroom features.

You can sort students tiles in your Classroom alphabetically by first name or last name. Clicking the blue plus button opens a dropdown menu to add students, co-teachers, or groups to your class. The bell icon is where you can access all of your notifications. Clicking your avatar will open a dropdown menu to access your Account Settings, our Help Desk page, and to log out of your account. 

View the video below to learn more about the Classroom in Kiddom!

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