Once you've created your class, it's time to start adding assignments. For organizational purposes, we recommend adding assignments within your Class Curriculum or a Course.

Creating an Assignment

Click into the Curriculum and select your Class Curriculum. To add content, you'll first have to click the Edit button at the top right corner. Then, click into a unit to start adding your assessments and activities.

Add additional attachments, standards among more by clicking on "Add Section." If creating an assessment or activity, attach skills and standards to questions to ensure they are captured in your report. 

If you found any content in the K-12 Library that you'd like to include in your assignment, Add a new Section and select Attachment. You can also assign content directly from the My Content Page. For more info, check out this article.

You have the option to add an attachment from the Kiddom Library, Google Drive or directly from your computer.

Note: To make an assignment assignable, you'll need to include student-facing sections and at least one question. To make a section "student facing", click on the 3 points on the right.

Once completed, you can click the Preview button to see how the assignment will look for students or you can share the assignment by clicking the blue assign button on top and selecting the classes you'd like to share the assignment with. You can also share the assignment from your Planner by dragging and dropping it onto your Timeline.

When assigning via the Planner, any assignment created in a Class Curriculum, will be located under that Curriculum. Any assignment created through "Create New Content" or a separate course will be located under "My Documents".

Not seeing your assignments? You may need to refresh your browser window or clear your cache.

Want to re-arrange sections in an activity or assessment?

You can easily re-arrange sections by collapsing all sections. When you collapse all sections, you'll start re-arranging your sections.

Want to delete a course, unit or assignment?

To delete a course, unit or assignment, first click on the Edit button. You'll then see the three dots at the right corner. Click on the three dots to delete your document. Please note that you cannot recover a document once it's deleted.

Allowing Attachments as Answers

To allow students to add attachments, you will need to add at least one question and make it open-ended.

Students will be prompted to attach their work by file upload or by Google Drive.

Once the student submits the assignment, you will receive the attachment. If it's a Google Drive file you will be prompted to open it up in your own Google Drive.

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