Teachers: What is Curriculum Management?

Kiddom’s new Curriculum Management capabilities bring dynamic curriculum personalizations to life across classrooms. There are two roles for Curriculum Management: Editor and Teacher. Click here for a brief overview of the different functionalities of the roles. 

As a Teacher, you can:

  • Personalize curriculum for your classes and students
  • Receive versions of personalized content from the Editors at your school
  • Personalize the versions shared by Editors at your school
  • Have multiple versions of the content

Keep reading to learn more about how to get the most out of Curriculum Management as a Teacher! If you want to learn more about Curriculum Management as an Editor, click here.

In this article:

New Settings Overview

As a Teacher, you’ll notice some changes to the options listed above an assignment.

Version dropdown menu: This dropdown allows you to switch between versions of content

Assignment Settings: These can be edited when personalizing

Personalize: Click this button to edit content

Eyeball icon: Allows you to preview the activity from a student view before assigning

Clicking the version dropdown menu will allow you to see all the versions of the content you are viewing. The versions will be organized into the following categories (based on the versions that exist):

Published: This will include the Original version of the content, as well as any edited versions that have been published by your school’s Editor(s) for teachers to view/assign.

My Versions: This includes your own private versions of the content that only you can view and assign.

You can also access the version dropdown menus when viewing content in the Planner:

Please note that the Version dropdown menu only appears here if a personalized version of the content exists. If there is only the Original version, then the Version dropdown menu will not appear in this view.

Personalizing Content

Once you are ready to start personalizing content, click on the “Personalize” button. This will open a window where you will add a label for the version. Once you’ve added a label, click the “confirm” button and a new version of the content will be created for you to begin editing.

Note: The process of editing content hasn’t changed, so it will look and feel the same in any type of version. If you’d like a review of how to edit content within Kiddom, click here.

Once you are finished personalizing the content, click “Done.” This version can be found using the version dropdown menu under “My Versions”. 

From here, you can assign this version directly to students by clicking “Assign”. You can also preview the content before assigning by clicking on the eyeball icon. If you want to continue editing the version, click “Edit Version”. 

To delete the version, click the 3-dot button and click “Delete Version”. 

A message will appear asking you to confirm this action before deleting. Please note that once deleted, the personalized version cannot be recovered.

Assigning Personalized Content

When you are ready to assign your personalized version, make sure the correct version is displayed in the version dropdown menu and click “Assign”. You will be asked if you want to “Assign to Students” or add it to your “Lesson Launch Queue”. Click here to learn more about the “Assign to Students” option or click here to learn more about the “Lesson Launch Queue” option. 

You will also be able to see the personalized version label on the assignment when viewing it from the Planner. 

The personalized version label will also appear within the Assignment View, so you can easily track which versions you’ve assigned and graded.

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