What Do Standards Mastery Reports Inform?

Your standard mastery reports offer detailed insights on standard-specific performance for your class, as well as individual students:

Standard Mastery Reports

Click on an individual standard from your reports to view a more detailed summary of your class performance on a specific standard. 

Sort the order of students by first name, last name, or performance. 

Use the arrows (next to the standard card) at the top to cycle between standards.

Individual Student Progress on Standards

From your Standards Mastery class report, click on any student to reveal individual student progress over time on that particular standard. 

You can also view every assignment assigned to that student that is aligned with this standard. Click on the assignment to view the student submission.

Find Resources Directly From Your Reports

From your Standards Mastery report, clicking "Find more assignments for this standard" will open Kiddom's Library. From here, find and save additional teaching resources (videos, quizzes, activities, and more) based on your standard mastery reports for remediation and/or exploration.

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