What Insights Do The Assignment View Reports Provide?

The Assignment View is Kiddom’s newest student achievement report in our reporting suite. This report provides teachers with an easy to navigate, single point of reference, quick look at class and student performance on any individual task. Teachers can analyze how their class and individual students did on any gradable task. 

What will teachers see after assigning?

Once content is assigned, navigate to the Planner and click on the assignment you’d like to view. 

The Assignment View includes a Scoreboard and Scorecard which display a classroom level summary and an overview of individual student performance on an assignment. It also includes two student level reports: a question-focused report and a standard-focused report.


The Scoreboard provides the most important classroom-level information to teachers. The Scoreboard highlights:

  • Assignment Settings - Type of assignment, total points, total questions/standards, due date
  • Assignment Status - How many students have submitted the assignment, viewed the assignment but haven’t submitted yet, or haven’t accessed the assignment at all yet
  • Grade Average - Overall success rate of the entire class for the given assignment
  • Grade Distribution- Range of grades received by students on the assignment

You can also hover over each bar to see which students fell into which categories, making it easier to provide immediate feedback and support. Please note that the Grade Average and the Grade Distribution data will be displayed after grading all submitted assignments. 


The Scorecard provides a deeper look into how each student performed on the assignment at the questions level and at the standards level

To learn more about how to grade assignments, click here

After Grading: Questions Level Report

In the Questions Level Report, you will see a breakdown of how each student performed on each question and can see the class’s overall success rate on a given question. Auto-graded questions will be scored and those scores will display, while teacher-graded questions will not display a score until they have been manually graded. You can hover over each question to preview it. 

On the Questions Level Report, you can also filter by standard to quickly see which questions assessed a particular standard, and to get a quick overview of how students performed on those questions. To filter questions by standard, click the “Standards” filter button in the top right corner of the Scoreboard. A dropdown menu of the assignment’s standards will appear for you to select and filter. 

After Grading: Standards Level Report

In the Standards Level Report, you will see an individual student breakdown on each standard that was measured in the assignment, as well as the class’s overall performance on a given standard. You can hover over each standard for a preview of the full standard along with the related questions.

Please note that standards need to be aligned at the question level within an assignment in order to appear in the Standards Level Report. If a standard is only aligned to the entire assignment and not to specific questions, it will not be displayed in the report.

Can I download the Assignment Reports?

Yes! To download the report, click on the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner. This will download the data in CSV format. 

Click here to learn about how to grade in the new Assignment View. 

Click the play button below to see the new Assignment View in action!

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