Does every assignment need to be digital or completed online?

In short, no! Kiddom is flexible for all educators and teaching styles. 

We recommend teachers use Kiddom to actively track all types of assignments, both offline and online (digital and paper), to obtain a clearer, more holistic profile of individual student achievement. 

  1. For Offline Assignments - Teachers should manually enter achievement data for any paper assessment, class activity, project, classwork, etc. Simply assign work to your class and input the grades directly. You can also provide students with feedback here. You can send assignments without attachments or online assessments by clicking on the Skip button that will bring you to the next page. In this case, your students will not receive an email notification, but you’ll still be able to enter grades to be reflected in your reports.
  2. For Online Assignments - Teachers should provide feedback for engagement in activities and assignments that shared online via Kiddom. After assigning a video, article, lecture, other online resource, enter grades for participation and/or reflection. 
  3. For Online Assignments with Automatic Scoring - When teachers choose assignments to share from Kiddom’s content library, student achievement data automatically syncs with your gradebook. Students can continue answering questions until mastery is reached. For a list of which content partners provide automatic scoring, visit your class settings
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