What are Student Tools?

Students using Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 can now fully express their mathematical thinking in Kiddom through a collection of student response tools. This update gives students the choice to draw an image, write text, share a photo, or record an audio or video explanation for a question. The Student Tools feature brings student voice and choice to the forefront! 

Where are Student Tools available?

Student Tools can currently be found within Units 5-9 of the original version of Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math 6-8 curriculum in Kiddom. If you currently have personalized versions of content within Units 5-9, you will not see Student Tools within those personalized versions. You will however be able to see the updated Student Tools within the original versions of content, which can then be personalized. Click here to learn more about how to access the original versions of content and personalizing content in Kiddom. 

Student Tools will be incorporated within the entire Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math 6-8 curriculum by the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

What do students see?

When students come across a question with Student Tools, they will see 5 response type options to choose from to show their mathematical thinking: 

  • Drawing an illustration
  • Writing an explanation
  • Taking a photo of work
  • Creating an audio recording
  • Creating a video recording

Students will self-select their response type and will explain or show their work using the selected response tool. 

In the example below, this student chose to show their thinking using the Drawing tool.

What do teachers see?

When viewing a question in Builder with Student Tools, you will see a toggle next to “Show Work”. When the toggle is blue, that means Student Tools will be enabled for students on that question. When it is grey, that means it will not be enabled for that question. Students will still be able to provide an answer to a question if Student Tools is disabled, just as before. In order to change the toggle setting, you will need to personalize the assignment. Click here to learn more about personalizing content in Kiddom.

Please note that teachers are not able to limit the tools offered but can edit the question directions to guide students toward using certain tools to demonstrate their thinking. 

What does grading look like?

Teachers can grade student work as they usually would; the grading flow has not changed! Teachers will see the response tool that students chose for each question and will see their work. The work shown with Student Tools will not need additional grading but it does give tremendous insight into how students arrived at their answer. Teachers can use their discretion when adjusting scores based on work or explanations.

What happens if students don’t show their work or complete an explanation?

As long as students have included an answer for the main question, their grade will not be automatically impacted. It is at the teacher’s discretion to deduct points for missing work or explanations. 

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